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Rib Ranch Barbeque Catering Menu

Full Buffet Service

BBQ Caterer(s) arrive at scheduled time and set up buffet with tables, linen, chaffing dishes, bread baskets and stay and serve your guests and monitor the buffet for up to two hours (more if needed). At the end of the event the caterers clean up the buffet area.


Delivery & Set Out Service

BBQ Caterer arrives during short window of time and sets out your menu on your table/counter for you and your guests to easily serve yourselves.

Pricing is for Delivery & Set Out only and does not include operations fee and tax.
Please contact us for a Full Buffet Service price quote.

BBQ Catering Menu

All menus come with two side items, drinks and fixin’s, and chocolate chip cookies or house-made banana pudding for dessert. Extra side items and dessert substitutions are available for an additional cost.

Menu #1

BBQ Pork and Beef Brisket

# of guests       Price/person
15 -24              11.09
25 or more       8.99

Menu #2

Pork or Beef Brisket &
BBQ Chicken (on the bone)

# of guests   |  Price/person
15 -24          |  11.59
25 or more  |  9.49

Menu #3

Pork or Beef Brisket &
Chopped Chicken Breasts

# of guests     |  Price/person
15 – 24         |  11.59
25 or more    | 9.49

Menu #4

Pork, Beef Brisket, Pork Ribs & BBQ Chicken (on the bone)

# of guests                  Price/person
15 – 24                       13.09
25 or more                  10.99

Menu #5

Pork Ribs & BBQ Chicken (on the bone)

# of guests                 Price/person
15-24                         13.09
25 or more                 10.99

Menu #6

1/3 Pounder Burgers &
All Beef Ballpark Hot Dog Bar

# of guests                   Price/person
15 – 24                        11.59
25 or more                   9.49

Menu #7

The Whole Hog Contact us for further information.

Menu #8

Southwestern Grilled Chicken Breasts
# of guests                  Price/person
15 – 24                        11.99
25 or more                  9.99

Menu #9

Fried Catfish with Hushpuppies and/or
Southern Fried Chicken with Biscuits

# of guests                  Price/person
15- 24                         11.99
25 or more                  9.49

Menu #10

Rib Eye Steak with Steak Sauce

# of guests                  Price/person
15- 24                         17.99
25 or more                  15.49

Menu #11

Low Country Shrimp BoilShrimp, Sausage (Andouille or Beef), Corn on the Cob and Red Potatoes

# of guests                  Price/person
15 – 24                        15.99
25 or more                  13.49

Menu #12

Your Menu


Baked Beans
Brunswick Stew
Potato Salad
Cheese Potatoes
Corn on the Cob
Mac N Cheese
Vegetarian Green Beans
Crisp Dinner Salad
Potato Chips
Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potato Souffle
Mexican Kernel Corn
Squashed Casserole


Housemade Banana Pudding
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Peach Cobbler
Apple Cobbler
Chocolate Brownie
Lemon Bars
Assorted Miniatures


Sweet Tea
Unsweet Tea
Ice and Lemons
BBQ Sauce
Paper Products

picture buffet festive casual


On Site Cooking for Full Buffet Service

Add to your party’s fun with our interactive cooking stations!

BBQ Lunch/Dinner Options

Carving Stations

Beef Brisket, Honey Glazed Ham, Brown Sugar and Mustard Ham, Smoked Turkey, Roasted Turkey or Fried Turkey


Fry Stations

Fries with Rib Ranch seasoning
Onion Rings with horsey dipping sauce
Fried Pickles with ranch dipping sauce
Jalapeno Poppers – jalapenos stuffed with cheddar cheese
Cheese Stix with marinara dipping sauce


Nacho Bar

Choice of smoked BBQ meat, chips, queso, scallions, jalapenos,
shredded lettuce, tomato, black olives, sour cream and housemade salsa.

The Rib Ranch

BBQ Catering Atlanta – Marietta, Georgia

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