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2063 Canton Road Marietta, GA 30066

The Rib Ranch Texas Style BBQ in Greater Atlanta.The Rib Ranch BBQ Restaurant and Catering Timeline

February 1983 – Cindy Newman leaves Idaho and moves to Marietta, Georgia.

April 1983 – Cindy spots a broken down hot dog stand and begins dreaming of how she can turn it into a broken down BBQ shack.

June 5, 1983 – The Rib Ranch BBQ Restaurant and Catering was born, all shriveled and roughed up, but still super precious to a few.

July 12, 1983 – First day of business.

October 1983 – Health Inspector tells Cindy she can’t recycle her 1 gallon mayonnaise containers and use them on a customer order that calls for 1 gallon of Brunswick Stew, no matter how well she washed it out.

March 1986 – David Newman, Cindy’s brother, comes on board as a manager to help out with the booming business.

April 1986 – David is told that he can’t threaten to break an employee’s legs for being lazy, no matter if that is the way they do it in Idaho; it’s counterproductive and against company policy.

June 1988 – Pam Newman, younger sister to Cindy and David, joins the cast and plays the role of hostess and catering model.

July 1988 – Pam is informed that as hostess she can’t tell people to seat themselves because her nails are wet, no matter how sweetly she says it.

June 1990 – Barbara Newman, the baby in the family, leaves Idaho and moves to Marietta and comes on board as a server.

July 1990 – Barbara is informed that she can’t treat one customer better than another just because they love horses too.

November 1991 – Tex and Bonnie, the parents, leave Idaho and move to Marietta. Bonnie begins work in the office and Tex takes over as head of the catering operation.

December 1991 – Tex and Bonnie are told that telling customers that Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is better than Gone with the Wind is not good for business.

February 1992 – Pam gets married and leaves, later to open her own BBQ restaurant, or at least gets her husband to do it.

September 22, 1992 – Cindy sells the restaurant and catering operation to David and Barbara.

October 5, 1995 – The restaurant and catering kitchen are struck by lightening and burn down completely when Tropical Storm Opal rolls through.

April 1997 – Restaurant re-opens and the catering operation resumes.

January 1998 – Bonnie retires.

February 2003 – Tex retires.

April 2005 – The Rib Ranch BBQ wins a major award at Taste of Marietta.

January 2007 – Sarah Newman Folwell, Barb’s daughter, takes a part-time role as cashier and now works at the restaurant and on some catering events while going to school.

April 2007 – The Rib Ranch BBQ wins a major award at Taste of Marietta.

Texas Style BBQ in Greater AtlantaMay 2007 – David Newman’s 6 year old son, Phadon, is asked what he wants to be when he grows up and he replies, “the guy who puts the bread in the toaster at The Rib Ranch.” (It’s one of those conveyor belt type.)

April 2008 – The Rib Ranch BBQ wins a minor award at Taste of Marietta.

March 17, 2008 – Tex-Mex style breakfast menu is launched.

April 2009 – The Rib Ranch BBQ wins a major award at Taste of Marietta.

April 2011 – The Rib Ranch BBQ wins a major award at Taste of Marietta.

June 2012 – Health inspector says it is ok to recycle plastic mayo containers so long as we wash them out really well.

July 2013 – Short staffed on the 4th of July, one of our busiest days of the year, Phadon – now 13- gets roped into bussing and helping out the servers. Thirty minutes into his shift Phadon is found hiding out in the beverage station saying, “I’m not going back out there; everybody’s so needy.”

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